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UCOT offers this qualification in conjunction with your Employer to Managers, Supervisors or identified future leadership staff working in your Employer where highly skilled leadership and management skills are sought after and valued.

UCOT is able to offer its clients Nationally Recognise Training in the BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management qualification.

While this qualification is of a nominal twelve (12) months, the actual course duration will be determined by:

  • Recognition of prior learning
  • Any prior vocational qualifications previously attained for which credit is available
  • The individual course delivery schedule negotiated between the participants Employer and the participant

This course is delivered with in a flexible workplace method with theory and theory assessment being delivered in classes, with practical assessments, including observation assessments being completed at work with your Employer in your workplace.

Support for training and assessment will be provided by an identified workplace supervisor and UCOT trainer/assessors.

Entry to this course is restricted to those who are:

  • Approved by your Employer to undertake the course
  • Able to read and write English to at least a basic level
  • Over the age of 18 years
  • In a senior Leadership and Management role

The training and assessment schedule is designed around:

  • 8 hour class room session per week
  • 8 hours private study per week.
  • 8 hours per week on assessments, these assessments may include workplace activities, theory assessments and practical observation assessments and are to be completed in the workplace

Units are delivered as per the following time table, additional information is included to facilitate the applicants own understanding.

Month of Delivery Unit                 Title
Month One BSBLDR501      Develop and use emotional intelligence
Month Two BSBLDR502      Lead and manage effective workplace relationships
Month Three BSBWOR501    Manage personal work priorities and professional development
Month Four BSBWOR502    Lead and manage team effectiveness
Month Five BSBINN501       Establish systems that support innovation
Month Six BSBADM502     Manage meetings
Month Seven BSBHRM513     Manage workforce planning
Month Eight BSBMGT517     Manage operational plan
Month Nine BSBINM501      Manage an information or knowledge management system
Month Ten BSBMGT516     Facilitate continuous improvement
Month Eleven BSBPMG522     Undertake project work
Month Twelve BSBRSK501     Manage risk



This qualification can be achieved through a Recognition of Prior Learning process.

A Recognition of Prior Learning process is where you provide evidence of your skills and knowledge against a checklist of requirements that we provide you with.

This checklist of evidence will include

  • documentary form such as letters, reports, certificates and other paperwork from Employers and Clients specifically confirming your knowledge and skills,
  • photographic and video evidence showing that you have the skills and knowledge contained in the BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management
  • an interview between our Recognition of Prior Learning Assessor, your employer and potentially you.

Depending upon the results of the evidence submission, you may be required to provide more evidence of competency, you may need to arrange for your RPL assessor to visit you at work, and the RPL assessor may need to talk to the people who have provided you with the evidence.

If you do not have the skills or knowledge to meet the needs of the Recognition of Prior Learning program you will not be found compeftent and will not attain the qualification.  UCOT does provide “Gap Training”.

This qualification is nationally recognised and can only be delivered by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that complies with the governing Standards of quality control and quality training and assessment.

When you have demonstrated that you have all the above skills and knowledge, either through assessment or through a Recognition of Prior Learning Process a BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management will be issued to you.

Should you elect to depart from the training and assessment program before you have demonstrated all the required skills and knowledge, a Statement of Attainment will be issued to you for those units in which you have demonstrated competency.

All training and assessment is conducted in English.

Re-assessment is available on appeal; see further details in the appeal process section. There is no charge for re-assessment.

We will assist you where we can, however, should your needs for support or assistance exceed our skills, we will refer you to a suitable organisation to assist you further, this may be a TAFE local to you or our workplace.

To apply for our course:

your Employer will nominate you for the course, they should provide you with the following documentation, if you do not receive this documentation, please see your supervisor or contact us on the details below so that we can forward the documentation to you.

  • The Course Information Sheet detailing the course content, fees and study requirements
  • The Participant Handbook which will detail information about UCOT, detailed information about the Participants Rights and Obligations
  • The Enrolment Agreement which contains information about the course, a summary of the Participants Rights and Obligations and also forms the binding agreement between UCOT and the Participant.

Committed applicants will return to their supervisor who will forward the documentation to UCOT.

Applicants will undergo an enrolment interview where their provided documentation is reviewed, including proof of Identification, and undergo the Language and Literacy Indicator assessment.

Applicants will have their application evaluated and if accepted, applicants will be termed Participants

Support for Course:

The Language and Literacy Indicator Assessment is intended to provide UCOT with information on the applicants English language skills.  To be accepted into the course the participant must satisfactorily complete all the tasks required of them in the assessment.

UCOT can provide limited support to those participants who are accepted into the course, this is limited to assistance with Vocabulary, and word definitions.

Applicants who are not successful with the Language and Literacy Indicator assessment will be referred to your Employer, their local TAFE or other provider of English Language support that is convenient to their home or work.

UCOT’s trainer is available via email and telephone during normal business hours throughout the week.

Once an applicant has completed the application and once this has been accepted into our course and be termed a Participant.

Each participant will undergo:

  • An introduction process explaining the units of competency and the training and assessment program to be conducted by UCOT.
  • A review of possible alternative elective units, from the range of units provided by UCOT. The units of competency to be included in a participant’s training program will be determined by discussions with the participant and a representative of UCOT.
  • An induction into UCOT (as the RTO) and training program

Should there be another way we can assist you with ensuring that you maximise your chances of completing the course though us changing something or accommodating your needs please call our Administration Staff.

Participants are allowed a maximum of two (2) reassessment attempts and will be supported by their Trainer/Assessors and workplace supervisors.

UCOT is flexible in the format and timing of learning and assessment activities to ensure that we provide every opportunity for participants to demonstrate their skills and abilities. Should you need support or assistance beyond our skills we will refer you to a suitable organisation to assist you further.

UCOT offers support to all Participants with their learning needs. We can tailor the training and assessment program to assist people with learning issues and, to a more limited degree, personal issues.

Due to the requirements of maintaining a safe learning environment, UCOT reserves the right to withdraw any participant(s) on the grounds of safety.

Our Participant manual details our complaints and appeal procedure, our discipline policy, and our access and equity policy, including the contact for any Access and Equity issues.

Participants are required to provide to following equipment and resources to undertake the course:

  • Access to their workplace policies and procedures
  • Access to evidence of competency that may be drawn from the workplace
  • Modern broadband connected computer
  • Software as required to connect to the internet
  • An active email address to receive learning and assessment material
  • Printer and scanner
  • Stationary, including pens and paper to undertake the course

Fees and Charges: 


There is a cost for RPL submissions, fees are charged per unit of competency.  RPL applications are assessed at a rate of $100 per hour, with the maximum fee being $300 per unit.  All RPL assessment Fees are GST exempt.

Course Fees;

The fee for this course is $4,800, and includes all text books.  Payment consists of 12 x $400.00 payments.

These course fees are to be paid in monthly instalments, with the first payment being $400 paid when committing to the course, if the participant can provide two weeks’ notice, prior to course commencement, of a desire not to proceed with the course, then this amount can be fully refunded.

There are no refunds if the participant seeks to cancel their enrolment within two weeks of the proposed course commencement.

The subsequent instalments are due at the conclusion of the first class each month.

If the participant departs from the course at the conclusion of the first class for the second or subsequent months, they will not liable for the $400 fee. (This fee does not apply to the first unit as the deposit payment mentioned above is allocated to the first unit of study).

If the participant continues onto the second and subsequent classes, they will be liable for the $400 fee which is payable before the next class.

Once payment has been made, there are no refunds, participants who choose to depart the course before completion of the unit of study are not eligible for a refund.

Fees can be paid by cash, credit card, EFTPOS, or EFT.

As stated before, we do not offer a refund for any payments made, except as noted above.

In cases of extreme hardship application in writing can be made to the CEO to vary these terms.

Replacement Certificates or Statements of Attainment

All Participants should note that lost statements of attainment or certificates can be replaced, the fee for this is $55 including GST and will require the participant to advise their name and other suitable personal details to allow us to confirm their identity.

To inquire further, please contact us at:

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